e.g. a smith, an artisan, an architect


Each Object is made by a Creator.

  • Players will describe the Creator, and a few details about their world.


This is the first opportunity a player will have to shape the world they are building.

It also sets a touchstone, an origin, which the story can return to and contrast against as it develops.


From Artefact, the Weapon has the following prompt for the Creator:

You were tempered in the heat of a great forge by a legendary smith—describe them, their materials and their smithy.


Sometimes, the Creator might go on to become the Object's first Agent. For example, a wizard might create a staff for their own use. In other situations this will be less likely, for example an blacksmith would not necessarily be the first wielder of a sword they forge.

A player might decide that they have a personal relationship with the Object's first Agent, but that's not a requirement.

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