e.g. a sketch, a diagram


The Drawing is a visual representation of the Object, typically a sketch or diagram.

  • It is not supposed to be particularly beautiful or challenging—it’s a tool, not art.

  • Suggested details and other considerations for the Drawing are provided for each Object.


The Drawing serves two main purposes:

Firstly, by giving visual form and structure to the Object it can shape the way the story is told. Looking at the Drawing, especially any key details the player has chosen to highlight, can inspire or influence events in the story introduced by other sources.

Secondly, it is a record of Change. Players are encouraged to make their Drawing large enough to add or alter parts of it as they play—showing damage, modifications, etc as the Object's story is written.


In Artefact, after defining a few details about your item (Object) you are asked to draw it.

Every Playbook in the game has different suggestions for details you can add, for example the Weapon asks you to “embellish your drawing with gems, notches and other curious details.”


It’s worth explicitly telling players that they should not aim to create art with their Drawing. It can be intimidating to be asked to draw, even just for yourself, and it’s not supposed to be the focus of the game. Of course, they are free to get carried away with it, but giving players permission to sketch something simple makes the experience more accessible.

The suggested details for the Drawing are another opportunity to set the tone for the Object. The stranger your Object is, the more support a player might need to draw it. You could provide lists of potential features, diagrams of possible structures, or even outlines for them to customise.

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