Starting to play.

There are three main steps for players to complete to start play:

  1. Choose Playbook.

  2. Create Object.

  3. Take a breath.

Choose Playbook

If your game has more than one Playbook, the player must select one.

Create Object

An Object is generic—the player makes choices to create a unique instance for their story.

They complete the following steps:

  1. Answer questions about the Creator.

  2. Add three Traits to describe the Object.

Take a breath

The player closes their eyes and takes a deep breath. This is the point that signifies the start of the player roleplaying as their Object. Make it clear that from now on, when the game refers to 'you' the player will answer as the Object.

Then they open their eyes and move on to the Loop to choose their first Agent from the first Act.

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